Intex LED Light Cupholder


The Intex Spa Pool LED Cup Holder is a product designed to enhance your spa experience. It is suitable for use with all PureSpa™ whirlpools that have a wall thickness between 20-24cm (approx.).

The cup holder allows you to keep your drinks and snacks conveniently nearby while you relax in your spa. It features white LED lights, adding a touch of ambiance to your spa environment.

Attaching and detaching the cup holder is quick and easy, providing convenience and flexibility. It is designed to hold two standard size cups, ensuring your beverages are secure while you enjoy your spa session.

The cup holder is powered by 2 Lithium batteries, which are included with the product. These batteries provide the necessary power for the LED lights to function.

The dimensions of the Intex Spa Pool LED Cup Holder are approximately 26 x 22 x 18cm, making it a compact and practical addition to your spa accessories.

Overall, the Intex Spa Pool LED Cup Holder is a convenient and versatile accessory that adds functionality and ambiance to your spa experience.


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