Chlorine Tablets Small 20g Tablets (1KG)

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Introducing our new 1kg chlorine tablets, packed with power in a small 20g size. These tablets are specially formulated to solve the most common problems associated with pool and spa maintenance.

Say goodbye to murky water and hello to crystal-clear perfection! Our chlorine tablets effortlessly eliminate harmful bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that can be found in water, ensuring a pristine swimming environment for you and your loved ones.

Designed for convenience, our small 20g tablets are easy to handle. They dissolve slowly, providing a steady release of chlorine for consistent sanitization. The compact size also means less storage space is required, making them ideal for smaller pools, spas, and hot tubs.

With our chlorine tablets, maintaining proper chlorine levels has never been easier. They work effectively to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria, thus reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and keeping your pool or spa safe and hygienic.

No more hassles of measuring and pouring liquid chlorine – our tablets are pre-dosed and ready to use. Simply drop them into your skimmer, floater, or chlorinator, and let them do their magic. Enjoy more time swimming and less time worrying about your pool maintenance.

Invest in our high-quality chlorine tablets today and experience the convenience and effectiveness they offer. Trust us to solve all your pool and spa maintenance problems, allowing you to relax, recharge, and enjoy your aquatic oasis hassle-free!


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